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The Ground Nut Pamphlet
    The Ground Nut Pamphlet
Originally a reprint of the last chapter of 'The Mary Rowlandson Story' this pamphlet has now been newly revised and updated. It describes the ground nut plant's facinating history, where to look for it, and how to use it in cooking. It also now includes new methods for growing the plant for food, unusual plant characteristics, and recent research on the surprising nutritional benefits of eating ground nuts.

Ground Nuts in full bloom
Ground Nuts in Bloom

Ground Nuts are an interesting climbing vine. They produce very unusual flowers in mid to late August. The actual ground nuts are just under the ground and may be harvested in either the fall for eating or in the spring to be used for planting. Each bulb will produce a new plant if planted separately. Each plant produces about ten bulbs. These bulbs have been grown free of pesticides using organic methods. The "parent" bulbs were harvested from the wild and planted in raised ground nut gardens to make plant care and harvesting easier.

We will be working to have our Ground Nuts become Certified Organic by the NH Dept of Agriculture. This may take some time but we will let you know when it happens.

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Purchase "The Ground Nut" - A pamphlet by Warren Rasmussen,
with a print of the original illustration by artist Terrie Morreale on the cover.      

Pamphlet Price = $8.95 plus Shipping and Handling.
Save $$ - Get Free Shipping when ordered with 2 or more Ground Nut Bulbs

Quantity Discounts available to schools and colleges, non profit organizations, and book stores.
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Ground Nut Bulbs/Plants now available

for Spring & Summer planting.

Available starting approximately April 1, depending on the spring weather.

Ground Nut bulbs/plants ready to add to your garden. 
Price is $10 per bulb/plant plus shipping and handling.

Save $$ - Order 2 or more and get Free Shipping in the Continental USA!!!

Include a Ground Nut Pamphlet for $8.95 with your order for no extra shipping charges!!!

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Include  Ground Nut Note Cards ($3.50) with your order for no extra shipping charge!!!

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